Chasing Waterfalls in Eastern Kentucky

The area around Rockcastle and Jackson counties is home to three of the more scenic waterfalls in Kentucky. Flat Lick Falls, McCammon Falls, and Anglin Falls are all easily viewed in a day and are family friendly as none requires a long and rugged hike. Distance from Lexington is approximately 70 miles to the falls in Jackson County and 48 miles to the falls in Rockcastle County. A short description of each waterfall can be found below.

Flat Lick Falls – Located in the small community of Gray Hawk in Jackson County, Flat Lick Falls is a sheer 40′ drop in Flat Lick Creek. The waterfall is easily accessible by a short walk on a combination paved and dirt trail. The area below and underneath the falls is accessible by a dirt trail. There is a large parking area near the falls with picnic shelters and restrooms (open seasonally). Directions from Lexington.


McCammon Falls – McCammon Falls is also located in Gray Hawk directly behind the Gray Hawk Community Park. Walk behind the picnic shelter bearing to your left and you will see the trail enter the woods near the corner of the clearing. It is a short walk to a viewing area above the falls but to get closer to the falls involves some ledge hopping and rock scrambling. There are high cliffs and large rocks in this area so be careful with small children. Directions from Lexington.


Anglin Falls – Anglin Falls is in the John B. Stephenson Memorial Forest State Nature Preserve near Berea. John B. Stephenson was a former President of Berea College and the college still owns and maintains the property. The falls is approximately 75′ and drops into a deep gorge with large boulders reminiscent of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s approximately 1 mile to the falls from the trailhead with the latter part of the hike being the most strenuous. The trail is family friendly. This waterfall is very dependent on rainfall and during dry periods can become a small trickle or totally dry. Directions from Lexington.

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