Fayettechill Now Available at J&H

Fayettechill is located in the iconic Smokehouse at the base of Mt. Kessler in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. The Smokehouse is home to a dedicated team of designers, developers, and producers who create Fayettechill’s clothing and culture. Fayettechill is a family first and a brand second. They pride themselves on being more than just co-workers. Fayettechill isn’t simply a collection of products; it is the lifestyle they’ve always aspired to have.

Fayettechill creates experience inspired apparel for outdoor enthusiasts around the world. The production of this apparel starts with a local community of manufacturing partners throughout Northwest Arkansas, United States, and overseas. Their mission is to create quality multifunctional products that allow their customers to fully engage in the lifestyle they present.

Fayettechill is looking to create a product that maintains the high quality values of sustainability, art, and mastery. Through their initiatives to produce USA-made, organic, and recycled items, they have set the production of their products in a sustainable direction. On their clothing, they house more than just commercial graphics – they strive to showcase art. Fayettechill started with the notion that a product could serve as a canvas for a certain kind of active art, one that has a purpose to inspire both the wearer and those seeing it. Every day they go to work with the goal to master the products they produce so that they can make them in a way that makes the lives of their customers easier, more comfortable, and consistently inspired.


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